TOP CASE PALMREST HP 17-CP | 17-CP0000NP | 17-CP0003NP | 17-CP0004NP | 17-CP0005NP SERIES
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TOP CASE PALMREST HP 17-CP | 17-CP0000NP | 17-CP0003NP | 17-CP0004NP | 17-CP0005NP SERIES



- 17-CP0000NP | 17-CP0003NP

- 17-CP0004NP | 17-CP0005NP






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17-CP0044NR 17-CP0044UA 17-CP0104UR 17-CP0307NF 17-CP1003CI
17-CP0096NR 17-CP0044UR 17-CP0105NB 17-CP0308NF 17-CP1003NB
17-CP0000CI 17-CP0045UR 17-CP0105UR 17-CP0308NZ 17-CP1003NL
17-CP0000NZ 17-CP0046NB 17-CP0106NB 17-CP0309NF 17-CP1003NQ
17-CP0001CA 17-CP0046UR 17-CP0106UR 17-CP0310NF 17-CP1003NW
17-CP0001CI 17-CP0047NB 17-CP0107UR 17-CP0311NF 17-CP1003NY
17-CP0001DS 17-CP0047NR 17-CP0108NB 17-CP0313NF 17-CP1003UA
17-CP0001NA 17-CP0047UR 17-CP0108UR 17-CP0314NF 17-CP1004CI
17-CP0001NB 17-CP0048NR 17-CP0109UR 17-CP0315NF 17-CP1004NA
17-CP0001NC 17-CP0049UR 17-CP0110NG 17-CP0316NF 17-CP1004NB
17-CP0001NF 17-CP0050NB 17-CP0110UR 17-CP0317NF 17-CP1004NQ
17-CP0001NH 17-CP0050NC 17-CP0111NG 17-CP0318NF 17-CP1004UA
17-CP0001NL 17-CP0051NB 17-CP0111UR 17-CP0319NF 17-CP1005NQ
17-CP0001NQ 17-CP0051UR 17-CP0112NG 17-CP0320NF 17-CP1005UA
17-CP0001UR 17-CP0052CA 17-CP0112UR 17-CP0321NW 17-CP1006NM
17-CP0002CI 17-CP0052NC 17-CP0113NF 17-CP0334NG 17-CP1006NQ
17-CP0002DS 17-CP0052UR 17-CP0113UR 17-CP0335NG 17-CP1006UA
17-CP0002UR 17-CP0053NF 17-CP0114UR 17-CP0336NG 17-CP1007NM
17-CP0003CI 17-CP0053UR 17-CP0115UR 17-CP0350ND 17-CP1007NQ
17-CP0003NT 17-CP0054NB 17-CP0116NB 17-CP0351ND 17-CP1007UA
17-CP0003NV 17-CP0054NF 17-CP0116UR 17-CP0354NG 17-CP1008NM
17-CP0003NY 17-CP0054NG 17-CP0119NF 17-CP0356NG 17-CP1008NQ
17-CP0003NZ 17-CP0054UR 17-CP0119NW 17-CP0370ND 17-CP1008UA
17-CP0003UA 17-CP0055NG 17-CP0119UR 17-CP0376NG 17-CP1009NA
17-CP0004DS 17-CP0055NM 17-CP0120NB 17-CP0385ND 17-CP1009NM
17-CP0004NA 17-CP0055UR 17-CP0121UR 17-CP0401NO 17-CP1009NQ
17-CP0004NB 17-CP0056NR 17-CP0122NF 17-CP0408NZ 17-CP1009NV
17-CP0005DS 17-CP0057NG 17-CP0122NG 17-CP0413NG 17-CP1009UA
17-CP0005UA 17-CP0057UR 17-CP0123NF 17-CP0415NG 17-CP1010NB
17-CP0006DS 17-CP0058NB 17-CP0123UR 17-CP0415NO 17-CP1011NA
17-CP0006NC 17-CP0058UR 17-CP0124OD 17-CP0416NW 17-CP1011NQ
17-CP0006NH 17-CP0059NB 17-CP0124UR 17-CP0420ND 17-CP1012NB
17-CP0006NM 17-CP0059NF 17-CP0125UR 17-CP0422NG 17-CP1012NQ
17-CP0006NO 17-CP0059NM 17-CP0126UR 17-CP0423NG 17-CP1013CI
17-CP0006NQ 17-CP0059UR 17-CP0127UR 17-CP0425NO 17-CP1014CI
17-CP0006NT 17-CP0060NB 17-CP0129UR 17-CP0426NW 17-CP1014NM
17-CP0006NV 17-CP0060NM 17-CP0130UR 17-CP0433NG 17-CP1014NW
17-CP0006UA 17-CP0060UR 17-CP0131UR 17-CP0436NG 17-CP1015CI
17-CP0006UR 17-CP0061NB 17-CP0132NG 17-CP0437NG 17-CP1015NM
17-CP0007CA 17-CP0061UR 17-CP0133UR 17-CP0442NG 17-CP1016CI
17-CP0007DS 17-CP0062CA 17-CP0134NG 17-CP0447NG 17-CP1016NF
17-CP0007NB 17-CP0062NB 17-CP0134UR 17-CP0448NG 17-CP1017CI
17-CP0007NC 17-CP0062UR 17-CP0135NG 17-CP0452NG 17-CP1017NM
17-CP0007NH 17-CP0063NB 17-CP0135UR 17-CP0454NG 17-CP1018CI
17-CP0007NL 17-CP0063NM 17-CP0136NG 17-CP0456NG 17-CP1018NM
17-CP0008UA 17-CP0063NO 17-CP0136UR 17-CP0457NG 17-CP1019CI
17-CP0009DS 17-CP0063UR 17-CP0138UR 17-CP0478NG 17-CP1019NM
17-CP0009NW 17-CP0064NM 17-CP0139UR 17-CP0479NG 17-CP1019NW
17-CP0009UA 17-CP0064UR 17-CP0140UR 17-CP0501NA 17-CP1023NM
17-CP0010CA 17-CP0065NB 17-CP0141UR 17-CP0501SA 17-CP1023NW
17-CP0010NR 17-CP0065UR 17-CP0142UR 17-CP0505NG 17-CP1024NW
17-CP0010NT 17-CP0066NB 17-CP0143UR 17-CP0505NZ 17-CP1029NW
17-CP0010UA 17-CP0066NF 17-CP0145NG 17-CP0551NG 17-CP1034CI
17-CP0010UR 17-CP0066NM 17-CP0145UR 17-CP0553NG 17-CP1034NM
17-CP0011DS 17-CP0066UR 17-CP0146NG 17-CP0555NG 17-CP1035CI
17-CP0011NG 17-CP0067NB 17-CP0153NF 17-CP0555NZ 17-CP1035CL
17-CP0011NH 17-CP0067UR 17-CP0153NG 17-CP0556NG 17-CP1037NM
17-CP0011NQ 17-CP0068NB 17-CP0154NG 17-CP0557NG 17-CP1040NM
17-CP0011NT 17-CP0068UR 17-CP0155NF 17-CP0574NG 17-CP1045NM
17-CP0011NV 17-CP0069NB 17-CP0155NG 17-CP0575NG 17-CP1053NG
17-CP0011UA 17-CP0069NM 17-CP0157NG 17-CP0579NG 17-CP1055NG
17-CP0012NG 17-CP0069UR 17-CP0158NG 17-CP0600NG 17-CP1057NG
17-CP0012NH 17-CP0070NB 17-CP0159NG 17-CP0602NC 17-CP1062NF
17-CP0012NM 17-CP0070NM 17-CP0168NF 17-CP0602NG 17-CP1072NW
17-CP0012NQ 17-CP0070UR 17-CP0170ND 17-CP0603NC 17-CP1075NG
17-CP0012NT 17-CP0071NB 17-CP0171NF 17-CP0610NC 17-CP1082NW
17-CP0012NV 17-CP0071NM 17-CP0173NF 17-CP0611NC 17-CP1088NF
17-CP0012UA 17-CP0071UR 17-CP0175ND 17-CP0612NG 17-CP1105NW
17-CP0012UR 17-CP0072CA 17-CP0175NG 17-CP0613NC 17-CP1109NW
17-CP0013NT 17-CP0072NB 17-CP0176NG 17-CP0617NG 17-CP1115NW
17-CP0013UA 17-CP0072NF 17-CP0177NG 17-CP0635NG 17-CP1124OD
17-CP0013UR 17-CP0072NG 17-CP0178NG 17-CP0636NG 17-CP1145NG
17-CP0014NB 17-CP0072UR 17-CP0181NF 17-CP0655NG 17-CP1147NG
17-CP0015NC 17-CP0073NM 17-CP0193NF 17-CP0656NG 17-CP1152NG
17-CP0015UA 17-CP0073UR 17-CP0196NR 17-CP0658NG 17-CP1153NG
17-CP0016NM 17-CP0074NB 17-CP0202NG 17-CP0660NG 17-CP1154NG
17-CP0016UA 17-CP0074NF 17-CP0204NW 17-CP0661NG 17-CP1155NG
17-CP0016UR 17-CP0074NM 17-CP0205ND 17-CP0677NG 17-CP1167NG
17-CP0017NB 17-CP0076NR 17-CP0205NW 17-CP0678NG 17-CP1172NG
17-CP0017NM 17-CP0076UR 17-CP0212NG 17-CP0703ND 17-CP1173NG
17-CP0017NQ 17-CP0077NB 17-CP0212NW 17-CP0706ND 17-CP1175NG
17-CP0017NT 17-CP0077NG 17-CP0213NF 17-CP0712NG 17-CP1211NW
17-CP0017UA 17-CP0077NM 17-CP0215NW 17-CP0713ND 17-CP1275ND
17-CP0017UR 17-CP0077UR 17-CP0221NF 17-CP0714NG 17-CP1375ND
17-CP0018UA 17-CP0078UR 17-CP0222NC 17-CP0716ND 17-CP1408NZ
17-CP0019NB 17-CP0079NB 17-CP0223NF 17-CP0716NG 17-CP1424NZ
17-CP0019NW 17-CP0079UR 17-CP0225NW 17-CP0726ND 17-CP1435NZ
17-CP0019UA 17-CP0080UR 17-CP0232NG 17-CP0730ND 17-CP1453NG
17-CP0020NB 17-CP0081NB 17-CP0232NW 17-CP0732NG 17-CP1474NG
17-CP0020NM 17-CP0081UR 17-CP0233NC 17-CP0747NR 17-CP1610NG
17-CP0020UR 17-CP0082NB 17-CP0233NG 17-CP0755NG 17-CP1615NG
17-CP0021NA 17-CP0082NM 17-CP0234NG 17-CP0756NG 17-CP1620ND
17-CP0021NB 17-CP0082UR 17-CP0243NW 17-CP0766ND 17-CP1620NG
17-CP0021UA 17-CP0083NB 17-CP0244NC 17-CP0778NG 17-CP1700DX
17-CP0024DS 17-CP0083UR 17-CP0245NF 17-CP0797NR 17-CP1750ND
17-CP0024NA 17-CP0084NB 17-CP0247NF 17-CP0800NC 17-CP1753NG
17-CP0024NB 17-CP0084NM 17-CP0250NF 17-CP0801NG 17-CP1755ND
17-CP0024UA 17-CP0084UR 17-CP0251NF 17-CP0802NG 17-CP1757NG
17-CP0024UR 17-CP0085NB 17-CP0252NF 17-CP0806NG 17-CP1770ND
17-CP0025CL 17-CP0085NM 17-CP0253NF 17-CP0807NG 17-CP1773NG
17-CP0025NA 17-CP0085UR 17-CP0253NG 17-CP0809NG 17-CP1775NG
17-CP0025UA 17-CP0086NB 17-CP0253NW 17-CP0815NO 17-CP1950ND
17-CP0025UR 17-CP0086NF 17-CP0254NF 17-CP0837ND 17-CP1970ND
17-CP0026NA 17-CP0086NM 17-CP0255NF 17-CP0839ND 17-CP1971ND
17-CP0026NB 17-CP0086UR 17-CP0255NG 17-CP0850ND 17-CP1980ND
17-CP0026UR 17-CP0087NB 17-CP0256NG 17-CP0880ND 17-CP2000CI
17-CP0027NA 17-CP0087NF 17-CP0258NF 17-CP0900NC 17-CP2000NA
17-CP0028NA 17-CP0087NM 17-CP0259NG 17-CP0900NG 17-CP2000NB
17-CP0028NB 17-CP0087UR 17-CP0260NF 17-CP0901NC 17-CP2000NZ
17-CP0028UA 17-CP0088NM 17-CP0261ND 17-CP0901NG 17-CP2000SF
17-CP0028UR 17-CP0088UR 17-CP0263NF 17-CP0903NG 17-CP2001CI
17-CP0029NB 17-CP0089NB 17-CP0268NF 17-CP0905ND 17-CP2001NA
17-CP0029NW 17-CP0089NF 17-CP0269NF 17-CP0906NG 17-CP2001NB
17-CP0029UA 17-CP0089NM 17-CP0270ND 17-CP0908ND 17-CP2001NQ
17-CP0030NA 17-CP0089UR 17-CP0270NF 17-CP0909ND 17-CP2001NV
17-CP0030UA 17-CP0090NM 17-CP0272NF 17-CP0911NC 17-CP2002CI
17-CP0031NA 17-CP0090UR 17-CP0272NG 17-CP0911ND 17-CP2002NB
17-CP0031UA 17-CP0091NM 17-CP0273NF 17-CP0912ND 17-CP2002NV
17-CP0031WM 17-CP0091UR 17-CP0274NF 17-CP0915ND 17-CP2002NY
17-CP0034NG 17-CP0092NB 17-CP0275NF 17-CP0931ND 17-CP2003CI
17-CP0034NO 17-CP0092NM 17-CP0275NG 17-CP0932ND 17-CP2003NB
17-CP0034UA 17-CP0092UR 17-CP0276NF 17-CP0933ND 17-CP2004CI
17-CP0035CL 17-CP0093NM 17-CP0277NC 17-CP0935ND 17-CP2004NO
17-CP0035NB 17-CP0093UR 17-CP0277NF 17-CP0936ND 17-CP2005CI
17-CP0035UA 17-CP0094NM 17-CP0278NF 17-CP0960ND 17-CP2005NB
17-CP0036NB 17-CP0094UR 17-CP0279NF 17-CP0961ND 17-CP2006CI
17-CP0036NO 17-CP0095NM 17-CP0280NF 17-CP0970NC 17-CP2007CI
17-CP0036UA 17-CP0095UR 17-CP0281NF 17-CP0970ND 17-CP2008CI
17-CP0036UR 17-CP0096NM 17-CP0282NF 17-CP0971NC 17-CP2009CI
17-CP0037NB 17-CP0096UR 17-CP0283NF 17-CP0971ND 17-CP2010CI
17-CP0037UA 17-CP0097NM 17-CP0284NF 17-CP0973NC 17-CP2010NB
17-CP0037UR 17-CP0097NR 17-CP0285ND 17-CP0978NC 17-CP2011CI
17-CP0038NB 17-CP0097UR 17-CP0286NF 17-CP0991NC 17-CP2011NC
17-CP0038UA 17-CP0098NM 17-CP0289NF 17-CP0993NC 17-CP2012NW
17-CP0038UR 17-CP0098UR 17-CP0290NF 17-CP0994NB 17-CP2016NF
17-CP0039NM 17-CP0099NM 17-CP0291NF 17-CP0995NC 17-CP2018NF
17-CP0039NW 17-CP0099UR 17-CP0292NF 17-CP0996NB 17-CP2019NF
17-CP0039UR 17-CP0100NM 17-CP0293NF 17-CP0997NB 17-CP2020NF
17-CP0040NB 17-CP0100UR 17-CP0294NF 17-CP0998NC 17-CP2021NF
17-CP0040UA 17-CP0101NB 17-CP0295NF 17-CP1000CI 17-CP2022NF
17-CP0040UR 17-CP0101NM 17-CP0296NF 17-CP1000NB 17-CP2051NC
17-CP0041NB 17-CP0101UR 17-CP0297NF 17-CP1000UA 17-CP2053NG
17-CP0041UA 17-CP0102UR 17-CP0298NF 17-CP1001CI 17-CP2055NG
17-CP0041UR 17-CP0103NB 17-CP0299NF 17-CP1001NB 17-CP2102NG
17-CP0042CA 17-CP0103NF 17-CP0300NF 17-CP1001NL 17-CP2103NG
17-CP0042UA 17-CP0103UR 17-CP0301NF 17-CP1001NQ 17-CP2532NG
17-CP0042UR 17-CP0104NW 17-CP0302NF 17-CP1001UA 17-CP2800NC
17-CP0043UA 17-CP0044NO 17-CP0303NF 17-CP1002CI 17-CP2903NG
17-CP0044NB 17-CP0306NF 17-CP0304NF 17-CP1002NA 17-CP2935ND
17-CP0044NM 17-CP1002NQ 17-CP0305NF 17-CP1002NB 17-CP2976NC

Warranty - Terms and Conditions

The warranty begins on the equipment's date of purchase (as indicated on the invoice) and can only be used upon presentation of proof of purchase.

Therefore, you must keep the original invoice, along with the warranty document, if applicable.

All products come with a 3-year warranty (new regulation in effect for 3 years of warranty as of 01/01/2022), except for restrictions imposed by manufacturers, as they are considered replacement and wear parts.

· LCDs, laptop chargers, and keyboards have a 1-year warranty.

· Tablet and mobile phone parts also have a 1-year warranty.

· Compatible batterys have 2 years warranty.

· Apple parts have a 6-month warranty.

FMTEK considers the right to warranty for any product very important. However, in order to identify the product(s) and its respective malfunction(s), we ask that you contact our after-sales service through the email, sending a concise and complete description of the issue.

The legal deadline for warranty resolution is 30 days. If it exceeds this deadline or if there is no replacement product, a credit note will be issued which can be used throughout the store.

Warranty exclusions:

  • If you don't have the purchase invoice and original product box, manuals, and respective accessories;
  • Products must be complete and as received, in their original packaging, with respective protective plastics.
  • Damage resulting from adverse external influences. For example: voltage spikes, floods, thunderstorms, etc.;
  • Consequences of accidents: falls, water or fire.
  • Damage caused by improper handling or incorrect alterations made by the customer or third parties;
  • Incorrect connections of components or peripherals;
  • All software is excluded from any warranty.
  • All products sold by FMTEK are properly labeled with a warranty seal. Products automatically lose their warranty if the seal is removed or damaged.
  • Any hardware or peripheral acquired separately and assembled or installed after the purchase of the FMTEK computer is not covered by this warranty.
  • Technical interventions performed by personnel not authorized by the brand.

Return conditions:

For all orders, product returns are accepted within 14 days after the reception date of the order for a refund, as described in the legislation that regulates this sector.

According to Decree-Law No. 24/2014 of February 14th, the customer has the right to withdraw from the distance contract within a maximum period of 14 days after its receipt for a refund.

The returned products must be accompanied by the invoice, manuals, accessories, and original packaging intact, protective plastics, as they were sold and sent/delivered to the customer. Otherwise, fmtek reserves the right not to accept the return.

Exchanges, when authorized, will only be accepted within 14 days, provided that the products present their intact packaging. No exchange or return of software is carried out. If applicable, the Ecovalor + EcoREEE values are included, as provided for in Decree-Law No. 24/2014, of February 14th / No. 70/2007, of March 26th / No. 67/2003, of April 8th.

Volumes/Boxes must be sent by a registered delivery method as proof of return, which may be necessary to identify or locate it. Envelopes or volumes without a registration number are not accepted.

The return of the merchandise is the sole responsibility of the Customer, as well as the inherent charges of its transport, both shipping and return.

Except for express agreement by FMTEK INFORMATICA, the consumer cannot freely terminate contracts for:

Returns of values to a RESALE customer are not made. Credit will be issued, and a coupon with credit to be deducted on new orders will be sent.

Returns of products (including mobile phones, GPS, video or photographic cameras) whose warranty/security seal is torn, cut, or violated, or products whose consumables are used and the respective packaging is opened, or other conditions that make their resale impossible (e.g., printers) will not be accepted.

Returns of software (on any computer media), whether purchased separately or belonging to a set of a particular product (e.g., GPS maps on an SD card) whose warranty seal is damaged or violated will not be accepted.

We alert you to the fact that products (BY ORDER) are products that are not in stock. After the confirmed request, an order is placed with the supplier.

Returns of products whose availability is (BY ORDER) will not be accepted, that is, a product that is specifically ordered for the customer from the manufacturer/supplier, accepting and assuming that commitment/responsibility from the outset, where the law mentioned below applies.

DL n.º 24/2014, de 14/02, Art. 17 - Requests for returns will not be accepted in the supply of goods made according to the consumer's specifications or manifestly personalized;

Supply of goods that, by their nature, cannot be returned or are likely to deteriorate or become quickly out of date;

In the case of (BY ORDER) products, fmTEK may request an advance transfer if it deems it necessary.

Returns of computers ordered from fmtek or the fmtek brand will not be accepted, as they are made to measure for the customer.

Returns of LCDs that have up to 4 stuck or burnt pixels will not be accepted, as this is not considered a defect by the supplier/manufacturer under ISO 13406-2 ISO 92413.

Returns of memory cards (SD, miniSD, memoryCards, or other formats) whose blister packaging is torn or violated will not be accepted, as this product becomes unusable and cannot be sold again.

If the product being returned has any free gifts, they must also be returned in perfect condition and in their original packaging. If this is not the case, fmTEK will deduct the value of the product from the amount to be refunded to the customer.

In the event of detecting any external damage to the package, the customer must mention "package with damages" on the sheet/PDA where they sign before accepting the package, and if the product is damaged, they must immediately communicate this fact to fmtek via email at within 24 hours; otherwise, the resolution request will be refused.

In the event of detecting any externally visible damage to the merchandise, the customer must refuse to accept the package(s) in question and immediately communicate this fact to fmtek via email at within 24 hours. Returns or complaints about damaged products will not be accepted if the package is accepted.

In case of dispute, the consumer may resort to an Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Entity: name(s) and contact(s). More information on the Consumer Portal

Contacts Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Vale do Ave Tribunal Arbitral.